Award-winning folk duo Nancy Kerr and James Fagan have a long career of writing and recording together so it is only fitting that now is the time to release their first full live album. ‘An evening with Nancy Kerr & James Fagan’ was recorded over two nights in Hertfordshire and Sheffield and features a collection of songs from their career together as well as solo works mixed with classic folk songs.

Both are excellent song crafters and musicians whose skills have been honed after years of playing and touring together. Kerr’s fiddle playing is vibrant and intricate as it interweaves seamlessly with Fagan’s rhythm playing and their vocal harmonies envelop the listener as they weave vivid stories through song. And, it shouldn’t really be a surprise just how good these musicians are given their roots within the genre. Kerr is the daughter of the renowned folk musician Sandra Kerr, and Fagan alongside his sister, mother, and father performed in his native Australia as The Fagans.

This is a record that mixes classic and contemporary folk music with all of the feeling and vibrancy of two artists at the peak of their live prowess. Combining their considerable skills, both Kerr and Fagan have contributed songs and music that both respect and equal the quality of the traditional material that may perhaps be destined to become classics of the future.

‘An evening with Nancy Kerr and James Fagan’ is released on 28th June 2019 on Little Dish Records.