Release Date: 30th June 2017
Label: Loose Records

This is the sixth studio album for Danny and the Champions of the World and comes on the back of the highly lauded ‘What Kind Of Love’, which was a critical and fan favourite.

‘Brilliant Light’ continues that rich run of form. Ambitious in scope and size, the double album of 18 tracks (limited edition has an extra disc of 11 instrumental tracks) is a melting pot of styles; country, rock, soul, Motown, folk – it’s all here.

Uniting it all is that lilting warm voice that Danny Wilson possesses and is able to bend and blend into the various moods and colours of the songs.

Highlights are many but standouts include the autobiographical ‘Swift Street’, opener ‘Waiting For The Right Time’, ‘It’s Just A Game’ .

With a running time of 78 minutes, there are a few dips in the consistency and some of the tracks are a little too long but this is perhaps nitpicking in an involving collection that bears repeat listening.

The writing on the album is a much more collaborative effort this time around, with only one track being solely composed by Wilson, but the co-writers from the band shine and when others are of the caliber of James Yorkston, the quality is maintained.

Guitar work from the ever inventive Paul Lush with added Pedal Steel licks from Henry Senior Jr gives a glow to the music but the whole band is allowed to express themselves through the thoughtful production Chris Clark. Backing vocals from members of The Dreaming Spires and The Treetop Flyers are a constant delight.

No doubt many of these songs will feature in upcoming Danny and the Champions of the World live shows and hopefully see the stature of Danny Wilson and his band continue to grow.

‘Brilliant Light’ is a fine, fine album, but this a band that needs to seen live.