Anyone who was lucky enough to have caught Dori Freeman’s support slot for Teddy Thompson earlier this year, at the always excellent Out to Lunch Festival will have expected this album to be good. Just how good, might surprise even those fortunate aficionados.

At times, it’s reminiscent of classic country voices of the past. Patsy and Lorreta easily come to mind. Close your eyes and you can imagine Linda Ronstadt covering ‘All I Ever Wanted’, for her ‘Simple Dreams’ album. But there is so much more, here to enjoy. The infectious bop of ‘Like I Do’ and the clever observational musings on ‘That’s How I Feel’:

One shoe on the side of the road
One bag in the wind blowing cold,
One face in the picture I hold,
that’s how I feel when I’m without you.

One can in the back of the fridge
One doe sitting high on the ridge
One man with his foot off the bridge,
That’s how I feel when I’m without you.

Truth be told there’s a lack of filler on an album that is resplendent in little sonic gems. Singing with producer Teddy Thompson on the duet ‘Two Step’, the result is another lovely slice of homespun Americana from the Appalachian Mountains. Incredible to consider that this relationship, now with Thompson producing for the third time, began with a young Freeman sending a fan message and a clip of her singing to Thompson who instantly recognised the star quality in the young Virginian.

Following on from her ‘Letters Never Read’ album from two years ago, this is a big step forward. Dori seems so content with songs to her young daughter, and the lovely lilting ode to platonic friendship, ‘Another Time’.

Sometimes great music is a voice, clever words and great melodies. This album has them all. There are many quality singer-songwriters out there vying to be the next big thing. Well Dori Freeman, just made a play for the big league.

‘Every Single Star’ is out now on Blue Hens Music