South Shields may not be a name on the tip of the tongue when you picture where that next big thing might emerge from. Too often blinded by the big lights of bustling cities we miss an absolute delight just subtly slipping onto the scene with talent to burn and tunes to tug on the heartstring of the greatest cynic.

Eighteen year old Brooke Bentham is the latest raw talent to emerge from the seaside town. Having had a clear long term love affair with the likes of Bon Iver, Laura Marling, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen and surely having her young heart smashed to pieces at least once to draw on for a track so starkly sombre and self-aware as ‘We’ll Be Ghosts’.

An EP and a move to London are promised for the young songwriter for later in the year and with big things looming on a dark, South Shields horizon, maybe now is the perfect time to get onboard with Brooke Bentham and enjoy the ride.

Brooke Bentham releases ‘We’ll Be Ghosts’ on Trellis Records on 29th September 2014.