Teddy Charles Jr. is the latest of the hard rockers to mellow out on the Belfast scene. That’s not to say that mellowing out in softening up. There’s still a gritty vocal tone here and even with layered backing vocals akin to Fleet Foxes, this one has jumped down from the indie-folk fence and placed both feet firmly in the rock camp.

Teddy Charles Jr. is the alter-ego of Alan McGreevy of GOONS and Rupture Dogs, and while ‘Six + One’, his first release under the solo moniker may be worlds away from both all out rock incarnations, it’s a solid debut record full of big tunes and solid songwriting.

You can grab a copy of ‘Six + One’, which features Ross “Tame The Lion” McGuire on backing vocals, Gareth McGreevy on drums and Dave Hanna on guitar, over on the Teddy Charles Jr. Bandcamp.