Tom James plays the hell out of an acoustic guitar with a nonchalance that the rest of us would display pulling on a pair of socks. Fingerpicking, strumming, open chords, complex arpeggios are delivered with an apparent ease and when you’ve mastered the art of those at the tender age of twenty two then why not drop some percussive beats on the body?

Tutored in his hometown of Falmouth in Cornwall by guitar virtuoso Andy McKee, James now plays with the confidence and ability of someone twenty years his senior and having toured extensively, including astounding shows in London and Berlin, since the release of 2011’s ‘Green and White’ the time has come for the release of ‘Blood to Gold’. The much anticipated follow up record will be released on Indie Kitchen Records with a launch show on 13th October in Islington.

The title track is a masterpiece in crafting a song. Raw vocals drift with the tones of Sheeran or Howard over the top of intricate guitar I feel that neither of those contemporaries could master. Percussion played out on every inch of the acoustic’s body is crying out for a subtle remix but very little else is required here. There are lush harmonies, intricate finger picking and catchy hooks. Next year’s summer festivals and next month’s radio playlists must surely already be beckoning.

More info on the launch gig and online booking of tickets is available on the Tom James Music Glue page.