Remember the time we weren’t sipping whiskey in a seedy bar? Yeah, it happened once. I was having a nice latte and enjoying the sounds of Isobel Anderson in the Black Box Café and they blew me away with their final tune of the night; the one about bad thoughts and good men. Oh, you remember it now you filthy lot!

Well, dear readers, the track is called ‘Gentleman’ and will be available this Friday. The single’s being officially launched at Culture Night Belfast with a set in St Anne’s Cathedral where the voices and violin will soar right up into the rafters.

Isobel Anderson

It’s one of those tracks that just gives you goose bumps. It’s like the first time you heard Laura Marling all over again. Sublime vocals, delicate guitar and some beautifully subtle violin from Ruby Colley. As the lead single from her soon to be released album ‘In My Garden’ it showcases the experience and maturity you’d expect in both its writing and delivery. Isobel Anderson could be the finest female folk artist you haven’t heard yet.

Oh and God, if you call into the cathedral gig, it’s definitely just a chorus about cream tea in a nice café, right?