Following on from 2016’s self-titled debut album, Jared Deck is back with the soul filled ‘Bully Pulpit’.  With a history behind him that involved working as a musical director in an Oklahoma megachurch, (Before being sacked by text message while making his first record), working in factory, (he lost his job there due to outsourcing) and a failed political career.  Deck’s experiences mean that he is perfectly placed to write songs and music that inspire and critique in equal measure.

The bombastic soul opener ‘I Don’t Know What You Come To Do’ quickly sets the tone for the record.  It’s passionate and fiery, and Deck’s powerful voice combined with the gospel harmonies of Chanda Graham and Myra Beasley ensure that the song grabs the attention of the listener and prepares the way for the roller-coaster ride ahead. ‘Money Back’ follows immediately and with its exuberant soulful energy, fat brass section and Hammond organ, the roller-coaster ride begins.

‘Great American Breakdown’ is a rock and roll driven attack on the current state of the American political system, once again delivered with power and passion by Deck’s powerful voice.  while Deck steers the listener into full brimstone territory with the apocalyptic preacher driven ‘True Believer’.

Deck pauses the pace with the twelve bar blues based ‘Sometimes I Miss Being Lonely’, which appears to be a twist on the usual blues commentary of being alone. While the tender ‘Make Your Mama Proud’ is a heartfelt country ballad about family life.

‘There’s a Leak in This Old Building’ and ‘Over and Over’ bring the record to a close, embracing the listener with a soul satisfying vigour as the roller-coaster ride comes to graceful halt.

‘Bully Pulpit’ is a blistering revival fueled record that combines Soul, Blues, Gospel and Country that speaks to blue collar workers, soul aficionados and rockers with genre crossing enthusiasm.  

‘Bully Pulpit’ is released on September 13th on Continental Record Services