‘Sunny Belfast’ is the current single from Lo-Fi Fun Factory.

With an infectious riff and witty lyrics delivered by vocalist Dan Tindall, the song is a tongue in cheek commentary on life in the city of Belfast.

Musically, it makes us think of a mix of Ian Dury’s songwriting and the vocal style of David Byrne. Written as a collaboration involving all members of the band Dan modestly explains:

Sunny Belfast was written in the rehearsal room by all three of us just chucking in ideas.

Arguably some of the references to Game of Thrones and the Big Fish are Belfast centric, but references to hipsters and bus lanes will certainly strike a chord beyond these shores.

The three-piece band from Northern Ireland have been busy playing pubs, clubs, and sessions across the country building up a faithful following for their folk-punk genre of music.

Proving themselves to be as hard working in the studio as on the stage, between gigs they’ve recorded and released their first album and three EPs since their formation in 2010.

They are one of most exciting live acts we’ve recently seen and their snappy folk-punk tunes awash with self-depreciating humour is like a breath of fresh air in the Northern Irish music scene.

You can download the single and find out more about the band and where to catch them gigging on the Lo-Fi Fun Factory website.