We recently had the pleasure of seeing Love Street perform two sets at Northern Ireland’s Sunflowerfest. Off the back of those very enjoyable performances, we knew we had to look further into the musical output of this folk/rock outfit from Cornwall.

‘Both Sides Of The Door’, their debut album was released in 2015 and features a wide range of songs largely inspired by the myths and legends surrounding the Cornish Coast.

‘Highway Man’ is a tale of Gothic horror that describes the haunting of a former lover by the ghost of a highway man who was to meet his fate at the gallows only to be spurned by the aforementioned lover in his hour of need.

‘Dragon Tale’ is steeped in old English mythology and explores the rise of Christianity and the effect it has on the old pagan gods, while ‘Lament Of The Sea Queen’ is full of fairy tale imagery throughout.

It isn’t all mythology, though. ‘Sail Away’ takes on the familiar and contemporary theme of emigration as weaves it’s tale of two lovers separated through one seeking work and better life in America, only for it all to end in tragedy.

‘Wings Of Yesterday’ cleverly deals with depression and how men cope, or don’t cope with life changing events, and ‘Days Like These’ is a gentle tale of romantic togetherness.

‘Both Sides Of The Door’ is an album full of clever and classic story telling that’s not afraid to confront contemporary social issues.

Musically with its mix of mandolins, searing guitar solos and blistering fiddle the band delivers a tight sounding record full of content that could comfortably sit on either of Jethro Tull’s ‘Songs From The Woods’ or ‘Heavy Horses’ albums.

With a new single and album due soon, we look forward to hearing more from this very amiable and talented band.