Songwriter Matt McGinn is a familiar face on the Irish music scene. He’s traveled the world supporting major artists with his trusty guitar strapped to his back. Where others may have become world-weary, McGinn has honed his craft. He’s become more fired up and passionate about the world we live in.

In days of terror attacks, Trump and Theresa May, we’re calling out for that voice in the wilderness. Other generations have has their protest singers. Think Guthrie, Dylan, Bragg. It’s no coincidence that Matt McGinn sports a Bob Dylan t-shirt in the video for his latest single. The spirit of protest is alive and well in Northern Ireland.

The new track is ‘The End Of The Common Man’. It’s born from a place of hard working class heroes. It’s a rousing tune for poets, pint drinkers, pit-workers and punters across the world. Railing against capitalism and political greed, it’s a song as old as time. Acoustic guitar and a bluesy brass section lend an old time feel and yet the message is as apt today as ever.

2017 will see a new album from Matt McGinn and the launch of a project called ‘Lessons of War’. The songwriter plans to travel the world around countries afflicted by conflict collaborating with other musicians. With songs and messages like ‘The End Of The Common Man’, he’s sure to find resonance and common ground wherever his travels take him.

Next time the news is getting you down, stick on this delightful slice of Americana soul and remember we’re all the common man.