‘Sketches’ may be a new record for Juno and Grammy Award winning violinist Natalie MacMaster, but it’s roots are buried deep within time, Americana and Celtic culture.

A native of Cape Breton, Novia Scotia.  MacMaster is also a co-founder of Greenbridge Celtic Fest, an author and full-time Mother to seven children.  Remarkably, given the aforementioned demands on her time, she still managed to record the twelve instrumentals that make up ‘Sketches’ and the resulting record is a sonic treat.

Working with Irish guitarist Tim Edey, MacMaster has crafted an album that stirs and evokes the imagination.  ‘Morning Galliano’ with its swirling accordion and mischievous fiddle conjures up imagery of French café culture.  ‘Three Reels’ and ‘Barndances’ have subtle overtones of jazz and swing, while ‘Patricia Kelso’s’ features violin and flute harmonised within a delightful Irish melody.  Further exploring the creative boundaries of the record, a hint of Venetian waltz opens ‘West Bay Road’ before it switches tempo into a Celtic jig. Rounding out the collection ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ is a beautifully melancholic composition that composes pictures in the listener’s mind of remote misty seascapes and a longing for home.

‘Sketches’ is a fine example of how the movement of people and music enhances cultures.  The record takes a complex collection of musical styles and mixes them into a joyfully crafted, accessible and enjoyable listening experience that bathes the listener with all the comfort of a warm bath.

‘Sketches’ is released on 6th December 2019 on Linus Entertainment.