David C Clements is back with a brand new record. ‘The Sound Of The Forest Choir’ features Michael Keeney and Arco String Quartet. Clements recorded the album live at a sold out show in Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, Belfast last Christmas. It features tracks from ‘The Longest Day In History’ like you’ve never heard them before.

It’s always been a dream of mine to perform with a string quartet (or an orchestra – but I’m not quite there yet!) so needless to say when we started to plan ‘The Sound Of The Forest Choir’ I was extremely excited!”

David C Clements

Keeney and the Arco String Quartet were part of the original recording in 2014. The group remained friends and collaborators and got together last year to produce the live show.

The talented group of friends also features Neil Gillespie. He was the drummer in Clements’ previous band Six Star Hotel. This time around, the London-based artist provides a limited edition screen print to accompany the record.

‘The Sound Of The Forest Choir’ is out now and available on Bandcamp.