We are all “Brenda from Bristol”. As soon as the echoes of another election came whispering through we all thought the same.

You’re joking? Not another one. Oh for God’s sake. I can’t stand this.

There’s too much politics going on at the moment. Why does she need to do it?

She proclaimed.

Whilst we agreed though this regular woman who was vox popped in the street, singer-songwriter Peter McVeigh put his frustration to pen and paper. ‘We Don’t Believe You’ is our unofficial anthem to the impending doom of the farcical election that is coming on whatever date. We don’t know. There have been too many. Who’s in charge again?

Sharp, straight to the point and already banned by BBC, ‘We Don’t Believe You’ says it how it is. Upbeat with a message.

Sticking up for the nurses, doctors, the working man and woman trying to live life, working 60 hours a week trying to make ends meet, worrying about their kids.

We as a people, we deserve oh so much more. There’s a freedom in this city and we are pissed off with you all.

Peter sings truthfully with his soulful voice to the backdrop of an addictive guitar – and to paraphrase Theresa May, a “strong and stable” beat.

Instantly drawn in by the familiar sound of Peter’s guitar, the lyrics are loud and clear.

Selling fear and trepidation so you can start a war

resonates through you. Sometimes, if you are like me, hearing something in a song makes it more real; a need to hear it from someone normal and not a Cheshire cat in a well-tailored suit.

Chatting to Peter, who’s album ‘The Wolf And Peter’ is due out in August, on the singles release date he said:

I attended a music marketing seminar last year and the speaker said you should never discuss politics or your personal opinions on your artist page. That really pissed me off. The pitch of the event was basically how to sell as many songs to a specific demographic. I thought to myself at that point; this “industry model” isn’t for me. Music is a lifestyle I live. I’m not trying to fool or convince people to like me. I am a musician not trying to be one. I decided to completely be myself through my music, to portray my opinions on matters. Not even try to keep them balanced (which people have been advising me to do) but to showcase who I am and what I believe in through art. I believe ‘We Don’t Believe You’ does this and though its initial online response it seems to be working. People are connecting with this song more than any other I’ve released. 10,000 plays in the first 24 hours shows this and I’m very proud of that.

This is a fearless, hard hitting upbeat track that is essentially what is inside every one of us.

Well, I won’t stand here on the sidelines anymore. We are rising…

I wholeheartedly agree.

‘We Don’t Believe You’ is released on Friday 25th May 2017. Watch the video below.