Elvis presley would have been 85 years old today. Most generations of artist since have been influenced by the Memphis native, from the raw rock and roll swagger to the hip-swaying croon of the crass Blue Hawaii days, it’s all there in every genre since. Without doubt, though Elvis Aaron Presley had a country heart. His first number one record was a straight up country song and he would cover many from the likes of Brenda Lee to Willie Nelson to Hank Williams.

In later years, big ole Stetson’s would be tipped right back at The King as a new wave of country, folk and blues stars repaid the favour and took on some of those stone-cold classics. I’d doubt there’s anyone around today who has never heard an Elvis song. You may never have heard them like this though.

Every track on this list has been performed by Elvis. Some he did first, others he masterfully made his own.

Elvis may have left the building. But his spirit’s still centre stage.