Redfern, Hutchinson and Ross are back!  Following on from the critically acclaimed ‘Mahogany Drift’ the trio are back with ‘Hotel Toledo’, and it just might surprise fans of their previous record.  Digging deep into Spanish culture the Tres Hermanos have cultivated a sound that conjures up imagery that would feel right at home in a Sergio Leone film.  Add to that imagery three mysterious leather clad balladeers carrying six strings instead of six shooters and the scene is set for an exciting musical journey.

From the first notes of the epic ‘El Sueña del Águila’ the direction of the record is clear.  Whereas ‘Mahogany Drift’ was full of catchy songs, rhythm and lyrics this records goes much deeper into the music.  Making full use of their musical expertise Redfern, Ross and Hutchinson have defied the demands of commercialism and made the record they wanted and aimed it solely at their fans. 

As Ross explains:

I wanted to create a space where each of us could play our hearts out about so I pre-planned with producer Paul Winn exactly how to set up studio – everything from the positioning of amps to the exact mics I wanted to use on the drums. This meant we wasted very little time in getting ready to, allowing us to concentrate on the music with a minimum of interference.

To the untrained ear stand out tracks ‘Pintura de Luna’, ‘Hotel Toledo’ and ‘Flores Rojas’ may sound like unplanned jam sessions, but upon closer inspection the cleverness of the multi-layered work is evident.  Each guitarist shines through in the mix as they interweave effortlessly around each other, never competing, always complimenting.

Commenting on the recording process Redfern adds:

This was a no headphones, all live performance of brand new material with each of us able to see, hear and feel each other’s presence in the same space without distraction.

The record also marks a change for the companionship.  Jack Hutchinson’s time in the band will come to an end in 2019, and as he rides off into the sunset to continue his solo adventures, a man of few words, he’s clearly happy with his latest work with his companions:

It’s unique – I’m really proud of it.

Shunning commercialism for creativity ‘Hotel Toledo’ is a bold step in the ongoing creative journey of this band.  In the 1970s this would have been perfectly normal and it would have comfortably sat alongside similar works by The Allman Brothers Band and Led Zeppelin, it might even have been described as Stoner Rock!  In 2019 however, it’s a progressive classic.

‘Hotel Toledo’ is released on Taller Records on 8th November 2019.