‘Young In All The Wrong Ways’ is the third solo record from Nickel Creek founding member Sara Watkins.

Opening with the title track, Watkins takes the listener on an emotional journey that sets up the content of the rest of the album with a guitar fuelled side swipe at a former lover who obviously didn’t meet her required standards.

I’ve got no time to look back, so I’m going to leave you here. You were my future but that’s in the past, you’ll get another and it might last.

The country-infused ‘One Last Time’ expands further on the process of breaking up by acknowledging that the physical side of the relationship is often missed more than the deeper emotional bond.  Interestingly it is also only one of two tracks on the record to feature Watkins renowned fiddle skills.

Mister you won’t miss me, you just miss my kisses.

‘Move Me’ is another heavy guitar driven track in Watkins makes it clear that any relationship needs depth.

More traditional sounding songs such as softer ‘Like New Year’s Day’ and the upbeat radio friendly ‘Say So’ add balance to the record and showcase some fine songwriting skills.

With rock influenced tracks that lead the listener on an emotional journey, this record is miles apart from Watkins earlier solo releases and from her Nickel Creek material.

Instead, this is a record delivered by an artist who’s journeyed through upheaval and, in many ways, it’s a coming of age record that still includes nods to Watkins’s roots inspired past, but with a rawer more emotional delivery.

Sara Watkins the girl has left the stage. Enter Sara Watkins the woman.

Sara plays Belfast’s The Errigle Inn on the 3rd November 2016.  Tickets available via the Real Music Club.