Sofia Talvik has been making records since 2005 but is a new artist to this reviewer and a most welcome discovery. From the wonderful cover art, title, and smooth clear sounds within, this is Scandi Music at it’s best. At times it’s reminiscent of fellow Swedish act First Aid Kit, however the music is more adventurous than the sweet-sounding Soderburgh sisters.

There’s a real Laurel Canyon vibe to the music, with understated pedal steel, and lush strings adding an additional dimension to Talvik’s lovely voice.

From the melancholic ‘Take Me Home’ to the insistent atmospheric strains of ‘Siren Song’, that seems to channel Neko Case sounding vocals, it is a rich and varied treasure trove of sounds that linger long after the album has finished.

Her voice shines and shimmers through the 10 songs, at times with a harder tinge, as on early single ‘Blood Moon’ but it’s always enticing and enchanting.

Having just come across this album, I’ve trawled her quality back catalogue. This is her 8th full-length release. Many gems lie within. Previous album, ‘Big Sky Country’ is another beautiful slice of Swedish-Americana and both come highly recommended.

‘Paws of a Bear’ is released in the UK and Ireland on 4th October 2019.