Sunny War’s life reads like something from a novel.  The daughter of a single parent her formative years were spent constantly moving from city to city.  She learned to play the guitar and started writing songs at thirteen, rode the rails and endured a homeless spell before finding solace in the Los Angele’s punk scene. ‘Shell of A Girl’ draws on those early experiences by crossing musical genres and combining blues, jazz, Bossa Nova, and Americana neatly backed up with War’s soulful style vocal and cutting edge lyrics.

‘Drugs are Bad’ looks at the hypocrisy of parents using medication as an easy way of dealing with their children’s problems, while at the same time being critical of adults with dependency issues. ‘Off the Cuff’ is a hard hitting critic of life on the streets and how the failure of society has led to people becoming trapped there suffering sexual abuse.

“The world is run by pimps and tricks. They got our ass on the line. I don’t clock in. I don’t suck no dick cos ain’t no cash worth my time.”

Now sober, War uses ‘Rock N Roll Heaven’ to describe her feelings at passing the notorious age when so many rock stars left the stage.  There’s also a hint of healing contained within the lyrics.

“It seems I’ve made it past 27. There goes my ticket to rock’n’roll heaven. Ain’t got no money. Ain’t got no car. Just got the blues and this old guitar. Push came to shove. My wounds have healed up. I saw you coming.”

It’s clear from War’s articulate and moving songs that the record is of a biographical nature and, by going through the process of writing and recording them she has been going through a phase of healing and reconciliation with her past. Using those experiences, she has created music and lyrics that are as equally as powerful as the work of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday.

‘Shell of A Girl’ is a sonic treat that delivers devastating social commentary with a gut punch.

‘Shell of A Girl’ is available now on Hen House Studios