With politicians about to go off on their summer holidays and storm clouds gathering over the United Kingdom and Europe anticipating the threat of a no deal Brexit, we keep hearing a lot from people claiming to be champions for the “will of the people” in the media.

Isn’t it ironic that the very people who are claiming to represent the people are the multi-millionaire backers of a policy that will ultimately make life harder for the ordinary common worker and are the same ones who are now moving their money into European investment funds in Ireland and Malta?

Sadly the people of the not so United Kingdom are being held to ransom by a group of money loving self-interested egotists who stand to lose nothing from, and may even make more money out of Brexit. The common worker isn’t represented by a split Tory government who, whilst in the middle of a civil war within their own ranks, are being held to ransom by a party made up of religious fundamentalists and hypocrites who care nothing for the will of the majority of the country that they claim to represent.

Throughout history, it has been the poets, the singers, and artists who have risen up and represented the common people. Songwriters throughout the darkest times in human history have long realised that the rich only get richer of the backs of the working class.

With all this mind we looked back at some of the artists who lived through similar turbulent times and how they documented the plight of the poor and the working class under the leadership of rich and self interest politicians and complied a playlist of how they reflected and represented the “Will of the People”.