‘You Blew It’ is the new single from County Antrim songstress Amanda St. John. Released on the 4th of December 2015 this provides the listener with a sample of what we can look forward to when Amanda releases her debut album ‘Grow’ in February 2016.

The song was co-written and recorded in Nashville with producer John Tiven who’s famed for his work with The Rolling Stones, BB King and Wilson Pickett. It’s clear from the start that this musical collaboration is a match made in soul heaven. From the outset the song is pure Stax, pure Aretha and full of feeling. Soulful harmonies, funky guitar, brass and percussion back Amanda’s stunning vocal, and takes the listener on journey through the song’s subject material, which, while not being the most original is given a complete make over and revamp here to produce a wonderful fusion of new and old that creates an original and incredibly infectious song.

As Amanda explains:

‘You Blew It’ is a big band soul song. It’s about being in a relationship and reaching that breaking point where you’ve finally had enough of someone’s excuses. I’m basically saying that I can see through them now, they’re not a very nice person, don’t deserve any more of my time and they ‘Blew It’. It’s got a fun, feisty element to it too and it’s not be taken too seriously. It’s kinda like the internal conversations we have with ourselves but don’t communicate out loud!

‘You Blew It’ brightened up a very dull December morning for us and if this is an example of the standard of high quality work that we can look forward to from Amanda’s debut alum ‘Grow’ in 2016 then there are certainly brighter days ahead for Amanda and her fans.

The single is on sale now via iTunes and Amanda is also running a very successful Pledge Music campaign to launch her debut album.