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Sometimes one song done well is enough. Folk and Tumble's single reviews disect the best of country, Americana, and blues, so you can enjoy the listening.

Featured image for I Know Nothing – St Catherine’s Child

I Know Nothing – St Catherine’s Child


17th November 2022

'I Know Nothing' is the mesmerising new single by transatlantic singer-songwriter St. Catherine’s Child.

Featured image for Look Back Smiling – Gareth Dunlop

Look Back Smiling – Gareth Dunlop


27th January 2022

'Look Back Smiling' is the lead single from Belfast-based singer-songwriter and producer Gareth Dunlop's forthcoming album 'Animal'.

Featured image for Sisters Born Here – Brigid O’Neill

Sisters Born Here – Brigid O’Neill


21st January 2022

'Sisters Born Here' is the beautiful, emotional new single from Irish singer-songwriter Brigid O'Neill, part of an interesting project marrying music and heritage.

Featured image for Persona Non-Grata – Bright Eyes

Persona Non-Grata – Bright Eyes


25th March 2020

After 9 years, and several Oberst side-projects, Bright Eyes is back with 'Persona Non-Grata'. It's warm, emotional, poetic. It's Bright Eyes at their best.

Featured image for Haunted – The Coronas

Haunted – The Coronas


7th February 2020

The Coronas are back with new single 'Haunted' showcasing a new ambient folk pop sound and news of big summer festival dates.

Featured image for Already Forgiven – Basia Bulat

Already Forgiven – Basia Bulat


5th February 2020

'Already Forgiven' is the new single from the upcoming Basia Bulat album 'Are You In Love?' With guitar, strings, and howling wind, it's simply beautiful.

Featured image for Dark Force Rising – Non Canon

Dark Force Rising – Non Canon


4th February 2020

It's 2020 and we need a protest song. Step up Oxygen Thief's Barry Dolan. The Bristolian's alter-ego Non Canon has something to say in 'Dark Force Rising'.

Featured image for The Green Man – Brona McVittie

The Green Man – Brona McVittie


4th February 2020

'The Green Man' by Brona McVittie marks the rebirth of winter into spring and sets a level of excitement for the release of her new album later in the year.

The Lost Brothers – Fugitive Moon


11th November 2019

The Lost Brothers look towards their native Ireland for inspiration and make plans to tour in 2020. Listen to their beautifully melancholic 'Fugitive Moon'.