I Know Nothing – St Catherine’s Child

'I Know Nothing' is the mesmerising new single by transatlantic singer-songwriter St. Catherine’s Child.

I Know Nothing

St Catherine's Child

  • Americana
  • Singer - Songwriter

  1. I Know Nothing

'I Know Nothing' was recorded in Liverpool with Alec Brits after St Catherine's Child aka Ilana Zsigmond took a short hiatus away from music. It was the first song recorded for inclusion on an upcoming four track EP.

Born in England to musical parents, Ilana spent the majority of her childhood in New Haven, Connecticut, bouncing back and forth between continents as her parents toured. After settling back in the UK in 2015, she has formed a band that reflects the Americana aesthetic that surrounded her throughout her childhood with the articulation and dry-wit of her British sensibilities. Named for the patron saint of eloquent women, her vocal strength and poetic song writing shines at the heart of St. Catherine’s Child.

Speaking of the song Ilana says:

‘ Know Nothing’ is an ode to the unexpected freedom that comes with having the rug pulled out from underneath of you. It’s an Indie Rock -Americana bop from the intersection of fear, joy and heartbreak, reminiscent of early Sheryl Crow and those great movie montages of post-breakup haircuts and bedroom makeovers. Falling in love for the first time felt like being handed keys to a strange new world, and building that furnished home for two inside my heart felt a lot like having it all figured out. But in the shock of its breakdown came a strange sense of calm. If we’ll never be able to know what’s coming, we’re free from the stress of anticipation. The tides will always rise, we’ll roll with the punches. We’ll dust ourselves off and redecorate the houses inside our hearts, and it’ll sound something like this

‘I Know Nothing’ is available now for download and streaming on all the usual platforms.