Persona Non-Grata – Bright Eyes

After 9 years, and several Oberst side-projects, Bright Eyes is back with 'Persona Non-Grata'. It's warm, emotional, poetic. It's Bright Eyes at their best.

Persona Non-Grata

Bright Eyes

  • Americana
  • Indie
  • Folk

  1. Persona Non-Grata

What does the world need in trying times? Beautiful art and music, that's what. Anyone who has long been a fan of Conor Oberst knows that few combine mystical beauty with crippling dystopian fear quite like Bright Eyes.

‘Persona Non-Grata’ is the band’s first release in 9 years. Oberst and co. hit the studio in a bid to both escape and confront the crazy times in which we live.

Strange days indeed. We, like so many others, had many plans for 2020. We will be releasing a new album this year no matter what. We also have lots of touring plans that we are now reassessing. We will keep you informed as things progress. We very much want to get on the road and hope to see you all in person sooner rather than later.

Until then, here is a song called ‘Persona Non-Grata’. We hope you like it. It was hard to decide which song to share first because they are all quite different, but this one seemed as good of a place as any to start. And it has bagpipes! Which is a first for us.

Bright Eyes, 2020.

The timbre of Conor Oberst’s quivering vocal is inviting and warm. Like the Bright Eyes classics of yesteryear, there is some deep meaning in the madness. It’s a breakup. It’s the world’s end. It’s New York City’s East Village. It’s some barren desert. It’s all of these and none.

As the gentle piano gives way to a bagpipe riff, the song ebbs and flows. It entices you in, caresses the senses, and asks you to bring all the experience of your crazy world into the warmth and welcome of the new music we need so much right now. The listener is never ‘Persona Non-Grata’ in the world of Conor Oberst, and Bright Eyes, well you guys are very much welcome back.