Single Reviews

Sometimes one song done well is enough. Folk and Tumble's single reviews disect the best of country, Americana, and blues, so you can enjoy the listening.

Don’t Wait Up – Cormac Neeson


8th November 2018

Best known as frontman of The Answer, Cormac Neeson's latest single 'Don't Wait Up' is a more Americana sounding affair. Catch him live this November.

Birds Eye View – The 4 of Us


2nd March 2018

On the back of their latest release 'Birds Eye View', taken from their most recent album 'Sugar Island', The 4 Of Us announce a string of dates across the island of Ireland.

The Days Of Pearly Spencer – Mandy Bingham


4th October 2017

Mandy Bingham's latest single is something of a family affair, a complete re-imagining of her father David McWilliams' hit 'The Days Of Pearly Spencer'.

Hey, I’m Stephen – King Cedar


6th September 2017

King Cedar is a new name for a familiar face. Northern Irish songwriter Stephen Macartney releases 'Hey I'm Stephen' with Irish honesty and Nashville twang.

Sunny Belfast – Lo-Fi Fun Factory


3rd August 2017

'Sunny Belfast' is the latest single from Northern Irish folk-punk three-piece Lo-Fi Fun Factory, a song brimming with self-deprexcating humour and wit.

Going South – The 4 of Us


21st June 2017

'Going South' is the new single from Irish act The 4 of Us. It's a rose-tinted reminisce of summer days heading south in the car but also a future warning.

The End Of The Common Man – Matt McGinn


6th June 2017

Matt McGinn's no stranger to the Irish music scene and is unafraid to take on politics. 'The End Of The Common Man' is his new single, a song for our times.

We Don’t Believe You – Peter McVeigh


19th May 2017

Songwriter Peter McVeigh goes against all advice and pens a political protest song. With over 10K plays and a BBC ban already, does it live up to the hype?

Don’t Make Me Go To Town – Brigid O’Neill


21st June 2016

'Don't Make Me Go To Town' is the latest soulful single from County Down songwriter Brigid O'Neill and a follow-up to last year's 'Arrivals and Departures'.