The Lost Brothers – Fugitive Moon

The Lost Brothers look towards their native Ireland for inspiration and make plans to tour in 2020. Listen to their beautifully melancholic 'Fugitive Moon'.

The Lost Brothers are back! Following on from 2018’s ‘Halfway Towards a Healing’ the hard-working duo have just released a new single and announced details of a new record and tour to follow in early 2020.

Featuring guest contributions from guitarist M. Ward (Monsters of Folk) and bassist Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan), ‘Fugitive Moon’ is a sonic delight from the start. Replete with the Lost Brother’s signature harmonies the song weaves a slightly melancholic tale of life on the road, the passing of time, and a longing for loved ones and home.

For years we’ve always looked across the ocean to American roots folk and blues for inspiration. On this album and this new song ‘Fugitive Moon’ we turned homewards and gave a nod to the places that our special to us. I’m fortunate that the River Boyne runs very close to where I live in Meath. More than any other album these songs are inspired by where we grew up, our native land, with all its rain, dreams and storms.

Oisín Leech


When you are out on the road for a long spell, It’s the mundane things you end up longing for from back home. You miss the rain. And when you return, all of a sudden, all those things you took for granted are suddenly magical. ‘Fugitive Moon’ is a nod to this magic.

Mark McCausland

The Lost Brothers will launch ‘After the Fire After the Rain’ at Belfast’s Ulster Sports Club on 20th March 2020. Check out the Lost Brothers website to pre-order the new record and find a full list of Irish and UK tour dates.