The Green Man – Brona McVittie

'The Green Man' by Brona McVittie marks the rebirth of winter into spring and sets a level of excitement for the release of her new album later in the year.

The Green Man

Brona McVittie

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  1. The Green Man

'The Green Man' is the first single to be released from Brona McVittie's second album due for release in late 2020. Her debut album 'We Are the Wildlife' achieved critical acclaim upon its release and given the quality of the writing and music on 'The Green Man' her creative streak shows no sign of slowing down.

Her style has been carefully crafted over the years and her love of artists such as Tunng and Juana Molina combined with The Strawbs and Judy Collins shines through as she mixes traditional melodies with electronica.

Taking her inspiration for her latest single direct from nature, she has given one of English mythologies best-known legends a unique twist. She explains:

I was inspired by the appearance of a green man in the tree canopy visible from my living room. The lyrics simply describe what I saw but in composing the song somehow he became she, which is reflected in the video in the form of the masked dancer.

With the Winter Solstice now long passed the release of ‘The Green Man’ is perfectly timed to coincide with the fading of the winter darkness and re-birth of a new season of light.

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