August 11th will see Gareth Dunlop release his new long player ‘No. 79’.

The opening track ‘New Day’ provides a nice laid back introduction to the record and gives the listener a feeling of positivity that flows and ebbs throughout this collection.

‘High Life’ which is co-written with producer Bobby Hamrick is a classic love song which in many ways shows Gareth’s appreciation of and inspiration by Van Morrison. With its catchy chorus and harmonies this could sit comfortably on Vans ‘Moondance’ album such are both the quality of the lyrics and the arrangement.

‘The Moon And Me’ and ‘She Is The Fire’ are examples of Gareth’s ability to write and arrange big songs that others would have ruined by drowning them in multiple instrumentations and ultimately delivering as sing a long stadium rock.

Both are immersive and genuine here. The stripped back production adds authenticity to the songs and allows the lyrics to breathe while Gareth’s vocal takes the listener on their journey.

To record the album Gareth wanted to do something different sound wise and set up the recording equipment in his home in Belfast as he explains:

I wanted to keep the palate small for the record, no lush strings, brass sections or synths. There are limitations to recording in a house and I wanted to use those restraints as an opportunity to be more creative. I spent a couple of weeks driving my family crazy getting the house ready and sound treating the rooms. It wasn’t until we recorded the first take of the first song that I knew it would work. Having great musicians and great friends in my home made the process of recording these songs so much more enjoyable.

If I had to pick a favorite on the record then it’s ‘Fired First’. This time Kim Richey shares the songwriting duties with Gareth and between them they’ve delivered a classic bittersweet song that touches on the hurt and bad feelings caused when a relationship breaks down.

Like a fine red wine, Gareth Dunlop definitely improves with age and ‘No. 79’ is a vintage that deserves to be served up on a dusky evening in the company of friends with a glass or two in hand.

‘No. 79’ will be released on the 11th August 2017 and is available for pre-order via iTunes now.

Gareth has announced a short run of Irish tour dates in support of the release.

Saturday 12th August 2017 Stendhal Festival (Afternoon) Limavady Northern Ireland
Saturday 12th August 2017 East Side Arts Festival (Evening) Belfast Northern Ireland
Thursday 17th August 2017 Spirit Store Dundalk Ireland
Saturday 30th September 2017 Island Arts Centre Lisburn Northern Ireland