Kaz Hawkins has been entertaining and capturing the hearts of audiences for a while now so it should be no surprise that her debut album ‘Get Ready’ has been highly anticipated. With the support of Her Band of Men she has graced us with an album packed with warmth, love and soul.

The album opens with ‘Hallelujah Happy People’ which instantly sets the tone of the album. The ragtime piano, groove of the bass and cheerful chorus of “halle, hallelujah” almost invites the listener to dance, sing and generally be positive. It’s catchy, energetic and gives the listener a kick to get moving.

‘I Saw A Man’ tells the poignant story of a homeless man who had seen life from the cold ground armed with his guitar. Unfortunately, the protagonist of this real life tale died which is why this song is also known as ‘Norman’s Song’. The style of this track feels very simple with a gentle rhythm of guitars and a single drum yet it has a sort of racing element thrown in. It’s as if it is keeping up with the bustling streets in which nobody has time to pay closer attention. Kaz sings like she is pouring her heart out especially when singing “He had it all one time. What was his crime?” something that sadly rings true in our society.

‘Believe with Me’ feels like a spiritual experience with Kaz being the motivator. It’s easy to imagine hearing the song in a church setting with an organ playing in the background and Kaz being the preacher. “I was like you in those lonely days. I know those words when they jump up from that page” is just one line which makes this song relatable as everyone can remember a time when they haven’t been their full self. She speaks from experience and overall the song is packed with drive. The message is simple: It will get better.

Another highlight is ‘Cuz You’ which feels slightly more disco than the rest of the album. It begins with a samba beat before launching in with an infectious guitar riff playing throughout the track. It’s about a relationship where somebody needs you as much as you need them.

‘Born To Be Lovers’ just screams attitude and authority right from the start as indicated with that stirring first guitar chord. The track has a greater element of rock yet retains that blues sound we are used to throughout the album. With lines such as “I know that you’ve been hurt but I know I could take that hurt away” the lyrics are flirtatious especially when sung in Kaz’s raspy voice.

‘Walking On My Own’ is about coming out of a relationship and realising that you didn’t need that person in the first place. Lyrically it is honest and heartfelt as suggested in the line “Do you know what it felt like walking out here all alone? When you had taught me how to stay away from the sun.” The fast pace makes it feel like a celebration of empowerment and is a perfect conclusion to the album.

I could go into depth about the rest of the album but I think that they are asking to be discovered in their own right so I encourage anyone to listen to the album in all its glory. ‘Get Ready’ is an album of honesty, enthusiasm and a down to earth attitude which is refreshing. Kaz Hawkins is someone with a voice that not only deserves but demands to be heard.