‘Tales and Tributes of the Deserving and Not So’ is the latest release from indie-country musician Kelly Steward.  Containing nine well-composed, memorable and melodic songs, her debut long-player, which is co-produced by Steward and guitarist Greg Whitson, is loosely based around Steward’s own observations of life, her experiences of being a musician, mother, and lover.

Listening to Steward’s musical style, it’s easy to draw comparisons with 1970s Laurel Canyon songwriters such as Joan Baez, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, but Steward’s sound, while rooted in that area does have an edgier Southern-based sound that in places has hints of The Allman Brothers.

Hinting at the divide and conquer politics in modern America ‘Mississippi Risin’ offers the line of hope:

“Hey we will be alright, give us time”.

Possible the most personal songs on the record, ‘Heartbreak Heart’ and ‘Restless Kind’ both delve into Steward’s past and deal with her personal journey to this record.

Stand out songs include, ‘Golden Sun’, the dawning of a new day evoking thoughts of new and better days ahead, on which, Greg Whitson’s melodic guitar work echoes the sound and style of Mark Knopfler in places as he weaves his notes around Steward’s catchy chorus line. And, the fictional ‘Outlaw’, with its fluid jazz-like bassline, weaving a classic Americana tale of violence and fugitives evading the law.

‘Tales and Tributes of the Deserving and Not So’ is a strong debut LP from this fine songwriter and musician.  Containing strong songs and basing its roots in classic Americana, Steward has curated and cultivated a very memorable and enjoyable Indie-Country record.

‘Tales and Tributes of the Deserving and Not So’ is released on Glass Wing Records on 13th December 2019.