Some thirty-five years into his career prolific singer and songwriter Martyn Joseph has a new record on the way and it could be his edgiest yet. ‘Here Come The Young’ finds Joseph in fiery form as he delivers a stinging critique of the social and political situation – not only in his native United Kingdom, but across the globe.

Title track ‘Here Come The Young’ fires a warning shot across the bows of complacent politicians worldwide and urges them to take heed of, to listen to, and to make way for the upcoming generation; a generation who are free from the prejudices and greed of the old and are a more open-minded and pragmatic people who want to move on. Similarly, the bluesy ‘This Glass’ delivers a message telling the listener that no matter how bleak things are in the world they can be mended by the bridge builders, carers and artists. Simply put, love and creativity can heal where greed and power divide.

Produced by Gerry Driver, the record delivers a very listenable fusion of Americana and folk. Driver also plays several instruments on the record. Most notable is his fiddle work on several tracks, reminiscent of Dylan’s ‘Desire’. It would be great to see the two of them touring the record together.

As well known as Joseph is for his social commentary, he also knows how to write about personal relationships. This record has some fine examples in songs such as ‘Get Back To You’ and ‘Driving Back To London’. Both show he knows it’s often the simple things in a relationship that can matter the most.

‘Take Back the Sky’ inspired by a visit to Palestine’s West Bank tells the harrowing tale of an innocent life being taken through the conflict in the region and highlights the tragedy of an oppressed people and their suffering. Highlighting Joseph’s own personal journey both physically and spiritually ‘Oh My Soul’ shows the restlessness of the traveller and storyteller within him and hints at the strong personal convictions behind his own political activism.

‘Here Come The Young’ is a remarkably positive and passionate protest record. One that calls for change through the power of positivity and compassion. In today’s dark and uncertain world Joseph’s lyrics have provided a voice for the oppressed and the disregarded. And, most importantly, tells them not to give up hope.

‘Here Come The Young’ is released via Pipe Records on 25th January 2019.