‘Carry Fire’ is the latest offering from the former Led Zeppelin frontman and continues the musical odyssey that he’s been on since leading what was arguably the most influential rock band in musical history.

‘The May Queen’ and ‘Season’s Song’ are both Celtic sounding acoustic-folk tracks that very much feel like love songs to old pagan gods and seasons.

The inclusion of the English folk violinist on the former of the two tracks sits well and sets the song and the forthcoming tour up for some very interesting live performances.

‘New World’ with its brooding guitars and drums is a particularly relevant song with its references to the challenges that immigration to new pastures brings.

From the start ‘Carry Fire’ is a record that clearly shows an artist who’s enjoying the latter half of his career and refusing to conform to former glories or expectations by cleverly mixing acoustic instruments synthesizers and guitars in a creative and engaging way.

‘Carving Up The World’ explores a political theme based on super-powers, national identity, and insecurity along with the associated repercussions that come with them. All Brexiteers should listen to this song and take heed.
Title track ‘Carry Fire’ takes the listener on a hypnotic mesmerising trip into the sultry sounds of Arabia where the listener can almost taste the desert.

The epic penultimate song on the record ‘Bluebirds Over The Mountain’ features a heady mix of electric guitar, violin, and brooding synthesizers that features Chrissie Hynde on backing vocals all wrapped up in a sweeping Hindustani melody.

Once again, Plant has made clever use of The Sensational Space Shifters on this new offering. By mixing their musical talents to blend a fusion of folk, Americana, and Arabian themes in a complex yet immensely immersive and enjoyable record he shows that he is still as creative today as he in his Led Zeppelin days.
‘Carry Fire’ is released on Friday 13th October 2017.