Aoife Scott and Matt McGinn announce new single ‘Time Well Spent’

'Time Well Spent' in the upcoming single from a pair of fine songwriters and performers. Find out how to hear this beautiful work from Matt McGinn and Aoife Scott.

This is an unexpected delight. Two Folk and Tumble favorites, joining forces to create a thing of raw and quiet beauty. I was convinced that 'Time Well Spent' was a cover of a classic ballad of some standing, but that is the magic of Matt McGinn’s songwriting.

Simple emotions, simply expressed in words that we mere mortals struggle to find to say to a loved one. A beautiful song of love fulfilled, it has ‘future classic’ written all over it:

You and me, counting stars above in a distant sky with nothing on our minds. We’ll talk it out. Try as we might, we’ll put the world right. As the sun goes down and the world relents, time with you is time well spent.

Aoife Scott has one of the sweetest voices in Ireland, and it is put to stunning effect in this beautiful duet with McGinn. Comparisons will no doubt be drawn with Aoife’s mother – Frances Black’s wonderful collaboration with Kieran Goss, and rightly so.

Both artists are riding high on the back of stellar albums. Aoife with her superb, award-winning ‘Homebird’, and Matt with his terrific, thought-provoking ‘Lessons In War’.

Let’s hope the partnership continues, and we get an album from this pairing. That would be something to really look forward to.

The single is due for release later this month, but you can hear it now, by pre-saving on Spotify or Apple Music.