Beth Nielsen Chapman Releases New Single

Beth Nielsen Chapman gives fans another taste of new album 'Crazy Town' with release of latest single ‘With Time’.

Grammy-nominated Songwriter’s Hall of Fame inductee Beth Nielsen Chapman confirms details of ‘With Time’, another taste of new album ‘Crazy Town’, due for release in September.

Written with best friend Annie Roboff (who also co-wrote Beth’s hit songs ‘This Kiss’ and ‘Happy Girl’) With Time is a beautiful lament on the passing of time written over a number of years.

As Chapman explains:

We worked on ‘With Time’ over such a long period and from the moment we started to write it we knew it was an incredibly special song. The lyric was one of the more difficult lyrics I have ever tried to decode. I was really stumped at certain times and I would put it down for half of a year and then pick it back up and try to get one more syllable or one more phrase. When it was finally finished it was so clear what is had always been wanting to say about wonder and time and love, the magic of life and the breath of our journey through it.

It’s about navigating chaos.  How, even despite everything being crazy, on some level one can trust that things are in divine order and that we will be OK. There’s a lot of groove and joy and fun on this album, along with a couple of deep dive ballads.

Produced by the celebrated 5-time Grammy Award winner Ray Kennedy (who’s worked with everyone from Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, and Shania Twain, to John Mellencamp and Taylor Swift) ‘With Time’ is the second single from ‘Crazy Town’ following the recent ‘Hey Girl (We Can Deal With It)’The new album, out this September combines elements of classic rock, blues and pop to great effect. It’s a deeply personal collection, exploring themes of navigating the ups and downs of life and love, but, as with all Beth’s albums – still with plenty of light at the end of the tunnel.