Ceithre Cinn Announce New Single and Concert.

Multi-talented music collective Ceithre Cinn continue their musical journey with new single and live concert plans.

Ceithre Cinn, pronounced Kera Keen, and it’s a name worth learning to pronounce, for the hugely talented band of singer-songwriters are already making noises in the music industry, and judging by the quality of the collective’s second single, ‘If You Send For Me’, they should be around for a long time.

Individually, the names may be better known to us, as the band is made up of four real stalwarts and talents on the music scene.  Matt McGinn is an award-winning songwriter in his own right and has collaborated with, and improved the sound of many other artists.

Suzanne Savage is a supreme talent who shines in any genre of music, be it Folk or classical, Jazz or pop, and has lent her huge talents to a diverse range of artists, from Paul Brady to the RTE Orchestra.

Ciaran Lavery has won The Northern Ireland Music Prize and a much-loved figure on the Northern Ireland music scene.

Finnian is a Dundalk singer-songwriter whose album ‘Under the Influence’ won rave reviews on it’s release, and his reputation continues to grow.

Ceithre Cinn translates as four heads and together the four create a sweet and varied sound, as anyone lucky enough to have been at their recent sell-out gig in Belfast can testify.

After their first release last April, ‘True Love’, the new single again sees Suzanne take centre stage, and she delivers a beguiling, sultry delivery over a dreamy backdrop.  It seeps into the brain and roams around, and you’ll find yourself singing it hours later.

Highly, highly recommended. Can’t wait to see what the four friends get up to next. Let’s hope a full album of this quality is just down the road!

The band are playing at The Braid Music Club, Ballymena Town Hall on Saturday, 15th April with the wonderful Ciara O’Neill in support.

‘If You Send For Me’ will be released on the 24th March.