Gareth Dunlop announces new EP ‘Born Uncool’

Gareth Dunlop announces plans for a new different sound on upcoming EP 'Born Uncool' and releases the lead single of the same name.

As Covid-19 continues to disrupt lives across the world, many musicians are having to adjust their plans for their 2020 release projects, as well as coping with a long list of cancelled concerts and tours. Gareth Dunlop had planned to release a full-length album this year but has opted instead for a new EP entitled 'Born Uncool'.

As Dunlop explains:

I had intended to release my second album ‘Animal’ this spring but Covid turned the world upside down so plans were put on hold and tours were cancelled.

The ‘Born Uncool’ EP was born. It is a sonic departure from everything else I’ve ever done. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made the same studio decisions if my world had not slowed down for a few months.

Ahead of the official release of ‘Born Uncool’ on 18th September 2020, Dunlop will release three singles beginning on 28th August 2020 with ‘Born Uncool’, followed weekly by ‘Train Driver’, and ‘In A Hundred Years’.