Lydia Luce Releases new Eco-based Video Single

Hear Lydia Luce’s Delicate Plea For The Planet’s Future In 'Matter of Time'

It’s no secret that an artist’s surroundings directly influence their output, but in the case of Lydia Luce’s new single 'Matter of Time', it isn’t so much about the beautiful nature in which the song was written. Moreso, Luce’s ethereal tune focuses on what might become of her Eden with the upward trend of wildfires and climate change.

Written during her time as an artist in residence on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington—only a couple of months after a series of devastating heatwaves in the Pacific Northwest—it was greatly apparent to Luce that her refuge was threatened. “I was on this incredibly beautiful island immersed in nature thinking about the effect of climate change in that area. In that moment, I was grateful to be able to be there and experience the beauty,” she says, recounting the genesis of ‘Matter of Time’. “I tried to stay present and really absorb it all because every year we are seeing changes to our world.”

Filmed by Jason Lee Denton and Aliegh Shields, the video finds Luce performing her song amongst a very similar habitat to that which inspired it, bathed in the shadows of fronds and vines.

‘Matter of Time’ is taken from Luce’s forthcoming E.P. ‘Garden Songs’ due for release on the 24th of June.