Matthew McDaid announces new single ‘5 4 3 2 1’

Matthew McDaid announces the release of '5,4,3,2,1', the second single from his lastest EP 'Look Away Sun Child'. Out on 18th September 2020.

Mathew McDaid will release his second single from his latest EP '5 4 3 2 1' on the 18th September 2020. Mixing Americana with Catalan horns, the single looks at connections to people and places in the present and in the past.

As McDaid explains:

A countdown can mean many things, a new beginning, a final end, or even an awakening from a deep sleep. ‘5 4 3 2 1’ may just contain all of the above. A song dedicated to deep connections in all their forms. Love for a partner, family, a close friend most importantly one’s self. That moment when people come together and somehow you feel a little lighter, so light you might even feel your feet leave the ground, only to touch back down not knowing how long you’d been gone, only that every minute was precious and irreplaceable.

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