Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Release new Single and Announce New Album

'Ain’t None Watered Down' is the lead single taken from 'Shake The Roots', the forthcoming album by Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown have just released 'Ain't None Watered Down', the latest single from forthcoming album, 'Shake the Roots'.

Says Bryant, about the new single penned by Rebecca Lovell and himself:

When Caleb, Graham, and I started talking about what we wanted to do next, we kept kicking around the idea of getting back to our initial roots as a band. So much of that was steeped in low down blues and rock and roll. One morning I was kicking around a little song idea with my wife and ‘Ain’t None Watered Down’ was born. Everything fell into place so naturally. Once the Shakedown got hold of it, it served as a road map of sorts for the new album.

Although the band has shared the stage with artists such as AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith & Jeff Beck, to name a few, one doesn’t get the sense that any of these guys are above driving all day, pushing their own cases, and leaving it all on the stage when given the chance. This is a band that has something to prove and will go to great lengths to do so.

‘Shake The Roots’ is the bands fifth full length album. It encompasses the energy of their live show and is a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Shakedown. The edges are not sanded down, but the attention to detail isn’t lacking one bit. It sounds as if they approached the writing and recording of this record with the same intention they approach their live
performances with. It is evident that the band means it and wants it to mean even more to their fans.

‘Shake the Roots’ will be released on Rattle Shake Records on September 9th.