After The Fire After The Rain – The Lost Brothers

'After The Fire After The Rain' sees The Lost Brothers swap the sounds of the lonesome highways of the American midwest for the west coast of Ireland.

After The Fire After The Rain

The Lost Brothers

  • Americana
  • Acoustic
  • Folk

  1. Fugitive Moon
  2. Medicine Wine
  3. Eight Hundred Miles
  4. Six Mile Cross
  5. After The Fire
  6. Venus
  7. Hope Machine
  8. Ash Wednesday
  9. Wilderness
  10. After The Rain
  11. Glens Of Gortin

Two years after the Hugely successful 'Halfway Towards a Healing', The Lost Brothers are back with 'After The Fire After The Rain' and it might just be their best and most complete work to date.

Recorded in New York, the sessions included guest musicians Tony Garnier, Howe Gelb, Jolie Holland, Dave Murphy, and Steve Wickham. The record was co-produced by Tony Garnier and Daniel Schlett and the resulting sound is relaxed, chilled and atmospheric. As always, the glorious harmonies mixed with, winsome brass, lonesome harmonica and reflective lyrics of The Lost Brothers conjures up imagery of Saturday afternoon cowboy matinees. In addition, it is easy to imagine the duo roaming the plains of the mid-west before settling down with their six-strings beside late-night campfires under star-filled skies.

This time they have swapped the dusty plains for the hills, rivers, and grasslands of verdant Irish landscapes, a result of having based themselves back in their native Ireland after years of touring. In doing so, the songs on the record not only pay homage to the places such as the Hill of Tara, the Boyne River, and Six Mile Cross but also make them equally as mythical as the dusty landscapes of the Mid-west.

The singles ‘Fugitive Moon’ and ‘After The Fire’ were the first releases that hinted at the beauty and in places solemnness of the record. Other highlights include the instrumental Glens Of Gortin’, the vivid journey that is ‘Eight Hundred Miles’, ‘Medicine Wine’ and ‘Ash Wednesday’.

‘After The Fire After The Rain’ is a magical record that transposes Irish landscapes and Americana in a way that inspires the imagination of the listener.