Another Place – Danny George Wilson

'Another Place' is the latest solo release from prolific songwriter Danny George Wilson, best known for his soulful Americana with The Champions Of The World.

Another Place

Danny George Wilson

  • Americana
  • Rock
  • Pop

  1. Lost Future
  2. Sincerely Hoping
  3. I Wanna Tell You
  4. Heaven For Hiding
  5. Can You Feel Me?
  6. Right Place
  7. Giving Away Too Much
  8. We've Got A Lot To Learn
  9. I Would Be In Love (Anyway)
  10. In-Between The Love

Danny George Wilson's albums of late have been like proverbial buses. You wait a long time for one - 4 years in fact - and then two come along in quick succession.

‘Another Place’ is a calculated step away from his signature soulful sound with The Champions Of The World, as he experiments with an edgier, more grungy take on his normal musical palette. It’s a different first listen, I’ll admit. But it rewards repeated takes, as we see an artist not afraid to take chances.

These changes are evident from the vibrant first single ‘Can You Feel Me’.

Wilson has worked alongside Hamish Benjamin and Henry Garrett to create an album of lo-fi sonic excellence, anchored by his distinctive soulful, voice, and superior songwriting. Guests include Gerry Love from the much loved Teenage Fanclub, and Jeff Tweedy – both on ‘We’ve Got A Lot To Learn’.

Indeed, there is a Wilco feel about the album in its bold experimentation. That said, Danny seems incapable of writing a bad song and you are never too far away from an earworm or a hook that grabs you and won’t let go. I’ve spent the past week walking around work singing ‘I’m Sincerely Hoping’ much to the consternation and amusement of colleagues.

It’s an album about chances lost and grasped, with songs like ‘Heaven For Hiding’, and ‘Right Place’, which is infectious in the most off-kilter manner.

‘I Would Be In Love (Anyway)’ is a stunning duet with Australian singer Emma Swift, and as sweet a tune as you can expect to hear all year. It’s a version that even trumps Sinatra’s on his 1970 ‘Watertown’ album and that is saying something.

Wilson is a busy man. Alongside this solo release, he is working on the vocal harmonies of Bennett Wilson Poole, involved with Neckerchief rock, and co-managing two records shops.

But fronting The Champions Of The World is what he does best, and hopefully it won’t be too long before we hear his warm and welcoming voice back in its natural live environment.

‘Another Place’ is somewhat removed from Danny’s normal Americana tones, but no less attractive and endearing. And every bit as rewarding.