Apples In The Fall – Anna Lynch

On 'Apples In The Fall', Anna Lynch explores the heartache and tribulations of modern life with subtle musicianship and Springsteen-esque storytelling.

Apples In The Fall

Anna Lynch

  • Americana
  • Folk

  1. Apples In The Fall
  2. Hotter Than Hades
  3. Do You Miss Me Yet
  4. Bitter Bones
  5. Beer In Jars

Drawing from her own experiences, North Carolina based songwriter Anna Lynch's latest release 'Apples In The Fall' explores themes of love and loss with hints of nostalgia and irony based on her own experiences and memories.

Opening the EP, ‘Apples In The Fall’ has hints of Springsteen in the way it laments the devastating effects on a small town when a corporate company moves in on the local industry, effectively killing the local community. ‘Bitter Bones’ is a nostalgic look at leaving home and family. Dealing with heartbreak, ‘Hotter Than Hades’ examines the lack of support women often suffer from other women and the personal cost associated with it.

Anna Lynch’s voice is perfectly suited to the music. It’s both vulnerable and powerful when it needs to be with a slight country twang. The music is subtle and often understated mixing Americana with folk and country. With five well rounded and polished songs, ‘Apples In The Fall’ is an enjoyable listen that says more in five songs than many artists say on a full-blown album.