Faerie Fire Dances – Marc Block

Suitable for Samhain, radical faerie Marc Bloc’s new album 'Faerie Folk Dance's is a cheerful tonic for the forthcoming winter gloom.

Faerie Fire Dances

Marc Block

  • Folk
  • New Age

  1. Faerie Fire
  2. We Tend Our Gardens
  3. Happy-Alone
  4. The Sailor Home From The Sea
  5. Your Love Be Mine
  6. Red And Green
  7. I See Beauty Everywhere
  8. Never Stop Singing
  9. Lost Boy (Beloved)
  10. Solstice In Avalon
  11. Harry Kellswater
  12. Faerie Dust And Johnny Allday

On the eve of All Hallows, when the veil between the over, under and other worlds things and spooks can slip through noticed or not, these 'Faerie Folk Dances' from Marc Block can’t help but entrance.

Opening with the ‘Fearie Fire’, these are real, rugged, earthy folk tunes that transcend and enchant and charm, bringing all the elements of earth, wind, fire and water to heel.

It’s like listening to all your favourite faerie tales in melodic form. My mother said I was “away with the faeries”, so I felt very much in tune with what radical faerie Marc Block had to say, to sing about, to shout about. It’s fun, it’s entrancing, it’s utterly charming. It’s one to blast out on a drive through the wild and wonderful mountains, visiting dolmens and dens, where mists and moods and clouds with silver linings promise that anything is possible – when you let imagination run riot.

I loved this. I loved the lyrics. I loved its magic. I loved its sense of community, camaraderie, communion.

This album consists of songs inspired by Block’s connection with radical faeries:

An indefinable worldwide collective of queer nature-loving souls.

These queer faeries hold gatherings where they come together in an open-hearted community to play, work, eat, drag up, learn, love, share, and seek spirituality and magic. They hold auctions of services and goods to support those on lower incomes.

In fact, some of these songs are on the album because they were auctioned as bespoke songs. Some are written by other Faeries, some just have a spiritual or queer slant, and some are not faeries songs at all, just sung by one.

Emotionally honest folk tunes, engaging and innovative, but with a dose of alchemy and a peace-branch shared between worlds. For those in touch with their inner-hippy, inner-faerie, inner-child, this is one to be enjoyed. Released in time for Halloween, here’s to the folk with a little faerie magic in their hearts and souls.