Faerie Fire – Marc Block

'Faerie Fire' by Marc Block is a preview EP of some songs that will be on his upcoming album 'Faerie Fire Dances' later in the year and some that won't.

Faerie Fire

Marc Block

  • Folk

  1. Faerie Fire
  2. I've Got it Bad (Elton's Song)
  3. Not Dark Yet
  4. Sudden Waves
  5. Red and Green

Ahead of the October 2020 release of his new album, 'Faerie Fire Dances', folk singer Marc Block has released an EP highlighting some of the new material alongside some bonus tracks that won’t be on the album.

Marc Block is a seasoned performer, involved in the folk music scene since his late teens, and it is a credit to his abilities that on ‘Faerie Fire’ the list of guest performers includes folk alumni such as Nancy Kerr, James Fagan, Sandra Kerr, and Martin Simpson.

‘Faerie Fire’ is an original composition by Block set to the tune of an old Appalachian hymn. When combined with the lyrics, it conjures up an ethereal and magical scenario in the listener’s mind. Bob Dylan’s ‘Not Dark Yet’ is re-imagined here as a traditional folk song as Block’s timeless voice revels in the reflectiveness of the song. With its rousing chorus, the Robb Johnson penned ‘Red and Green’ closes the EP; a timely cover for 2020 with its message of acceptance and call for and a new and fairer world.

Block mixes guitars, bouzouki, accordions, and other traditional instruments with synthesizers and multi-layered harmonies to create a traditional folk sound with a new age twist. As a result, ‘Faerie Fire’ is a thoroughly engaging listen that hints at the potential of the forthcoming album.