Traitor’s Table – Fernando Viciconte

Written and recorded with collaborator Luther Russell, 'Traitor's Table' is the latest record from Portland based singer and songwriter Fernando Viciconte.

‘Traitor’s Table’ is the latest record from Portland, Oregon based Fernando Viciconte.  Co-written and recorded over six days in the studio with long-time friend and collaborator Luther Russell, the record is a raw no holds barred sonic treat.

Themes of migration, identity, and division are explored using insightful lyrics and personal experience in the songs ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Thirsty Man’ and ‘Division Lines’

‘Hey Darlene’ is a stripped-back Americana song that perfectly highlights the tough choices the young often have to make these days, and how sometimes that only choice is the lesser of two evils.  Closing the record, the thought-provoking ‘Turned Away’ is a slow acoustic song that builds into an electric crescendo which explores themes of acceptance, broken promises, and disillusionment. 

Considering Viciconte’s previous health issues resulting in periods of inactivity due to voice loss as a result of a hiatal hernia, followed by further issues with a fissure on his vocal chords, it’s amazing that his voice sounds so strong and vibrant on this recording.  Sadly, there aren’t any immediate plans for live shows to promote the record but with his reputation as a fighter, hopefully, in time, he’ll return to the live scene.

The writing on this record is thought-provoking and demonstrates an acute awareness of the current worldwide political climate and using the medium of music cleverly manages to give a voice to those who suffer on all sides of the various political fringes.

‘Traitor’s Table’ contains powerful, passionate music that has the empathy of Alejandro Escovedo’s lyrics, the melody of REM, and the delivery of The Clash.  This record is destined to feature on many of 2019’s “best of” lists.

‘Traitor’s Table’ is released on 21st June 2019 on Fluff and Gravy Records.