Fight The Good Fight – Vaneese Thomas

Great music and social awareness all combine on 'Fight The Good Fight' to make the ninth album release by Vaneese Thomas one to remember.

Fight The Good Fight

Vaneese Thomas

  • Blues
  • Soul
  • Americana

  1. Raise The Alarm
  2. Same Blood Same Bone
  3. Rosalee
  4. I'm Movin' On
  5. Time To Go Home
  6. When I've Had A Few
  7. Bad Man
  8. Blue
  9. Till I See You Again
  10. He's A Winner
  11. Fight The Good Fight
  12. Lost In The Wilderness

Vaneese Thomas is back with her ninth album, ‘Fight The Good Fight’. Making the most of her extensive musical background in soul, blues, gospel and Americana, she has co-written twelve memorable tracks that make this a strong addition to her already extensive back catalogue.

Opening with ‘Raise The Alarm’ her vocals soar in a rousing call to arms that warns against complacency.   ‘Same Blood Same Bone’ is a softer soul based tune that plays tribute to her home town of Memphis while making a strong case for tolerance instead of difference. Americana based songs ‘Rosalee’ and title track ‘Fight The Good Fight’ shine as Thomas effortlessly mixes the two genres with memorable music and lyrics.

The album is co-produced by Thomas and her partner, guitarist Wayne Warnecke and features a host of musicians including Scott Sharrad, Bo Mitchell, Lisa Fischer and Kirk Smoothers to name but a few.  The resulting music is a delightful mix of horn-backed soul, spiritual blues and lively Americana. The incredibly insightful song writing shows an acute awareness of social and political awareness and the songs are as equally thought provoking as they are entertaining.

The strength and impendence within the lyrics of ‘I’m Moving On’ makes it clear that this is one lady who isn’t one to be messed with.  While the good time ‘He’s Winner’ shows that if treated right then the feelings will be reciprocated.  Rounding out the album is the uplifting spiritual ‘Lost In The Wilderness’

In these uncertain times ‘Fight The Good Fight’ is a shining beacon of hope.