Good At Losing Everything – The Ghost of Paul Revere

'Good At Losing Everything' is the latest record from The Ghost Of Paul Revere. It's an infectious listen packed with memorable melodies.

Good At Losing Everything

The Ghost of Paul Revere

  • Americana
  • Folk

  1. Good At Losing Everything
  2. Delirare
  3. Love At Your Convenience
  4. Two Hundred And Twenty Six Days
  5. Diving Bell
  6. Travel On
  7. Loneliness
  8. When Can I See You Again
  9. 28:27
  10. Dirigo
  11. One Of These Days
  12. We Were Born Wild

‘Good at Losing Everything’ sees the core trio of Max Davis, Sean McCarthy and Griffin Sherry expand The Ghost of Paul Revere line up to include Chuck Gagne, Jackson Kincheloe and Ben Cosgrove for the band's third album ‘Good at Losing Everything’.

Starting off with ‘Good at Losing Everything’, the music takes the listener through an infectious listening experience made up of soaring harmonies, soulful lyrics, and uplifting melodies. The songs have depth and resonate with life as they tackle the age-old subjects of love, loss, and death.

Refusing to be defined by any style and proving their impressive musical skills, the music ranges from the dreamy country of ‘Dirigo’ to the folk-rock sound of ‘When Can I See You Again’, to the bluegrass influenced ‘Diving Bell’ and the driving anthemic country rocker ‘Love at Your Convenience’.

‘Good At Losing Everything’ is an enjoyable record that full of memorable melodies uplifting harmonies, empathy, and emotional depth.