Grown Ups Need Lullabies Too – Eilidh Patterson

Eilidh Patterson returns after a three year absence with a brand new EP entitled 'Grown Ups Need Lullabies Too' and it's an enjoyable one for all ages.

It’s been almost three years since we last heard from Derry singer/songwriter Eilidh Patterson, but she’s returned with a brand new EP entitled ‘Grown Ups Need Lullabies Too’.

‘Underneath The Tree’ opens the EP and with its Christmas theme it perfectly encapsulates the awe and magic that form part of our childhood memories and the magic we saw in the family Christmas tree.

Underneath the tree, shadows have to flee; there are only hopes and dreams underneath the tree.

‘Song For Tara Skye’ deals with the situation every parent must dread, but also must inevitably face. The experience of a child leaving home. It’s a tale of parental advice given with the benefit of love and wisdom, while unselfishly acknowledging that as a parent you have to let go.

As you start out of life’s adventure, remember I’m just a call away. When you feel scared or sad or lonely, remember to pray. Oh I don’t know how to let you go, one thing I know for sure. You’re going to grow up.

‘God Has A Plan’ has more than a hint of an old gospel standard about it. This one we could image a Southern American gospel choir picking up with its warm message of reassurance and reminder not to be totally self centred when things go wrong. This could easily have sat on one of Jonny Cash’s Gospel records the power of the message it delivers is so strong.

When you pray and don’t get what you’re hoping for, still he has a plan beyond that closing door. You’ve tried everything and don’t know what to do. You can trust in him and he will see you through.

Recorded at Paul Casey Music Studios in Derry, the EP delivers a very stripped back live in the studio sound. Eilidh is mixed perfectly to showcase her immense vocal talent and fine guitar playing. Accompaniment comes from her long time friend and successful singer/songwriter Ruth Trimble on keyboards, while Karen Porter adds cello and as well as producing Paul Casey also adds bass guitar.

The Title track ‘Grown Ups Need Lullabies Too’ Deals with situations we can all relate to. Juggling work/home life and the stresses that go with it. We’ve all been in that place late at night when the events of the day lie heavily on our minds and we just need someone to tell us everything will be okay.

Who’ll sing to the adults? When the kids are all asleep. Who’ll lay their heads down and send them to their dreams It’s not a misconception, I know this to be true, grown ups need Lullabies too.

‘Your Love’ (featuring some beautiful Cello) and ‘When I Don’t Feel Like Singing Anymore’ round off the collection and continue the themes of reassurance and uplifting feel of the EP. The latter song in particular is destined to become a classic addition to Eilidh’s already strong back catalogue.

This is beautiful collection of songs that we believe can touch the heart of the hardest and most cynical out there. The combination of vulnerability, reassurance and warmth that’s contained within and so well expressed by the quality of writing and delivered by Eilidh’s voice is second to none.

Welcome back Eilidh. We’ve missed you.

The EP is available to buy now via Eilidh’s website.