Halfway to Somewhere – TJ Walker

‘Halfway to Somewhere’ is TJ Walker’s second album release and one that quickly dispenses with any notion of difficult second album syndrome.

Halfway to Somewhere

TJ Walker

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Rock

  1. Dreamcatcher
  2. Halfway to Somewhere
  3. With and Without You
  4. A Better Me
  5. The Right Time
  6. If I Still Had You
  7. Call Time Out
  8. Daddy’s Girl
  9. Hollywood
  10. Small Town Bar

TJ Walker’s second album finds him in good form. Having honed his guitar skills during COVID enforced lockdowns, the ten self-penned tracks featuring some of his finest writing and playing to date.

As soon as Walker was able to enter the studio he brought together his backing band, The Long Game, complete with additional brass section and ‘Halfway to Somewhere’ took shape. Musically, there are hints of The Allman Brothers Band, Danny and The Champions of The World, The Band and Little Feat.  However, while Walker may take inspiration from those bands, his playing and song writing are what makes ‘Halfway to Somewhere’ unique.

From start to finish, the album delivers a melodic mix of Americana harmonic rock underpinned by blues guitar, which is most notable in the title track and the album opener, ‘Dreamcatcher’.  However, there’s a tender side to Walker’s writing too as is explored by the stand out tribute to a loved one, ‘A Better Me’.

Other highlights include the radio friendly melodic rockers ‘Time Out’ and ‘Small Town Bar’.

‘Halfway to Somewhere’ is a solid second long player by TJ Walker and a record that highlights his increasing talents as a musician and songwriter.