Heavy Light – Beau Jennings & The Tigers

Featuring thoughtful lyrics and melodic music, 'Heavy Light', the new long player by Beau Jennings & The Tigers is not to be missed.

Heavy Light

Beau Jennings & The Tigers

  • Americana
  • Rock

  1. Sunflower
  2. The Comeback
  3. I'm Reaching, Lord
  4. I Know These Guys
  5. Colorado
  6. Heavy Light
  7. Juniper
  8. Bring a Little Light
  9. May This Song Be in Your Heart

Americana or rock? Although 'Heavy Light' wouldn’t be totally out of place in either category there's a lot more to the new album by Beau Jennings & The Tigers.

Beau Jennings is a seasoned songwriter who writes from the heart.  Just listen the personal childhood experiences detailed within ‘The Comeback’, or the family heartbreak unfolding traveling to his Mother’s funeral in ‘Colorado’.  The lyrics contained in both songs are thoughtful and observational, and have echoes of some of Springsteen’s more intimate works.

‘Sunflowers’ is a beautiful upbeat radio friendly song inspired by a bike ride with his wife through the countryside of Norman, Oklahoma. Switching tempo, ‘I’m Reaching Lord’ is a rousing rocker with a simple message of don’t give up.

Musically, Jennings writes and only plays acoustic guitar which allows him and the band the fashion the music around his lyrics, and it works.  As a backing band, The Tigers are superb and marriage of lyrics and music is top notch.

The sound that Beau Jennings & The Tigers produce is one that mirrors many bands.  Wilco, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and The National spring to mind as do many others, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from checking out this body of work, especially given the quality of the lyrics that Jennings produces.

Highlighting the conflicting joy and pain that comes with grief, ‘Heavy Light’ is a gentle melodic rocker that explores past memories of times that Jennings spent with his late Mother, while the upbeat ‘May This Song Be In Your Heart’ rounds out the album on an high.

‘Heavy Light’  is a well written release by Beau Jennings & The Tigers that rightly commands attention.